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 Ancestor studies at the Royal Oak

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PostSubject: Re: Ancestor studies at the Royal Oak   Thu Sep 20, 2012 12:55 pm

"I was only telling you of one of my first encounter in the Dales, I did not wish to bring any insult. The person I refer to was not trying to impersonate you do not worry."

"I realize I should not have brought that as my introduction, I understand that now. I do understand that people give a pseudonym instead of their real name."

He takes a moment pondering about the library.

"Speaking of which; do you have any books on dragons? "

He then turns to Harunobu.

"Thank you yes, I had good rice this morning."
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Lairena Eitery


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PostSubject: Re: Ancestor studies at the Royal Oak   Thu Sep 20, 2012 3:44 pm

"There was no offense taken on your part Drake. Though I must say, I'm still curious to see who shares my alias. I do hope that person and I do not become mistaken for each other." She tilts her head, pondering his question. "I've been debating on gathering lore on Dragons for some time. A while back there was some sort of Dragon hunter wandering around Shadowdale, but he disappeared before I could contact him. If you'd like some books on dragons though, I'm sure I can find them."
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PostSubject: Re: Ancestor studies at the Royal Oak   Fri Sep 21, 2012 9:07 am

Listening to the ongoing conversation, Harunobu prepares some tea and wraps himself in a cloak, being unused to the cold he faced recently. He shows special interest in the talk of Dragons but seems to only pay little attention to the Library talk. With his warm tea in hands, and once the discussion sees a pause of some sort, he speaks again, with the same soft yet assertive voice as usual.

Looking at Drake, he speaks casually. The Fortunes are great indeed. I am well taken care of as well. I hope that our previous conversation did not upset you in any way. Take you time to ponder it, and we will talk again some time. On a different matter, I am glad you had a chance to meet with the real L, since she is most wonderful and civilized. And any confusing her with someone else would indeed be unfortunate.

There is clearly a double meaning to the last part of the sentence although it does not look like Harunobu will expand in any way on his thoughts on the matter. Turning then to Lairena, he smiles warmly and points out to a roll of parchment paper on which can be seen some painted calligraphy in the elegant writing of his homeland.

L-san, I have been working on something with regards to your ancestry and although it will take some time before it is ready, I have started offering the ritual prayers. It will be some time before you can feel any real effect of those but it will come. I will not let you down on this, you have my word.

As silly as it might sound to outsiders, he seems to pay considerable attention to those scrolls even though there is clearly no magic involved. Nevertheless, he is seen every late night or early morning, painting on them and meditating by the fire with those in hands, muttering exotic thoughts in a foreign language.

Then, to Sordoc as he seems to have a respite in his work.

I will also try to figure out something about your lineage. It is also confusing but there will be an answer to it. I won't let you hang in imbalance and linger in darkness while your ancestors are but a prayer away... But maybe you three would like some tea? He says, pouring some to whoever of them agrees to his offer.

I also wanted to thank you all for showing interest in your Ancestors. You do not feel the required connection yet to feel their gratitude, but in time it will come and therefore I thank you on their behalf. I will start working on personalized ancestry tablets for both Sodoc-san and Drake-san, as I did for L-dono. I know I won't be able to write down many names on it, but I was thinking of a new approach. I will write down impressions and innate abilities that you have been feeling and developing since you are young, in order to pray to those characteristics that your ancestors passed on to you. This way, they will feel a stronger connection to you and it might be a start for establishing a long lost relation. I will also make a small altar on which I will put those tablets in order for me to pray to them. Unless you have any objections of course.

He looks at them, taking another sip of his tea, and starts making notes on a parchment.

(If you are interested in taking a few minutes for this, please PM me with 2 or 3 skills or strengths your character had from childhood, 2 or 3 natural likes or dislikes of his, and the names of your known parents or ancestors, plus your predispositions that you felt early in life. Anything of the like that your character might be interested in sharing, and I will bring something up for you IG)
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PostSubject: Re: Ancestor studies at the Royal Oak   Fri Sep 21, 2012 11:40 am

Sordoc returns to the table after getting a few drinks since having a few days off.

"hmm, mayhaps I know a few thin's that migh' be o' interest ta yan. Had some time thinkin' abah' times past. Woul' be innerestin' ta learn mo' o' I's ancestors."

He passes on a few notes to Harunobu, and listens into the discussion about dragons.

"hmm, curious, I dun't know much o' dragons an' theer ilk, bu' I ha' studied tha drake's tongue in't past, fer a bi' o' lore an' hist'ry studin'. Mainly fer tha older texts an' mayhaps a look fer relic spells."
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PostSubject: Re: Ancestor studies at the Royal Oak   

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Ancestor studies at the Royal Oak
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