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 The Ironhouse Halls

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PostSubject: The Ironhouse Halls   Mon Jul 30, 2012 8:09 am

Clan Iron House was once the epitome of dwarven achievement; The largest and most magnificent of dwarven settlements in the north. In the Year of the Dark Dawn, after more than a decade of resistance against an orcish horde, the Iron House dwarves were finally defeated, scattering to the four winds and leaving their home of Tethyamar deserted, the mines and smithies ringing out no more.

After many years of long exile, as generations came and went, a few dwarves not of the Ironhouse began to come together in the Dalelands. They joined forces with some of the nearby dwarves who themselves were separated from their Clanholds. Under the leadership of Thane Crudak Ironhouse, they again rally together under the banner of ages old, renamed and reforged under the heat of a ages old vendetta, burning and smoldering still under the surface of every dwarf that know the legend of Ironhouse, awaiting the day in which they could again walk forth to reclaim their ancient heritage from those who took it.

Time Line:

"The Unification"

A group of crusading dwarves form in the Dalelands to reclaim the lost House of Iron. The dwarves, under the banner of Thane Crudak Ironhouse rally in the Dalelands and declare war on the Zhentarim and underdark races nearby.
The War of Gold and Gloom will soon rage between the two.

"The Reclaimation"

With the aid of several allies , knowledge retrieve for a ritual to keep outsiders out the halls and a mercenary dwarven army of 150 battle veterans, the reunited Ironhouse clan assaulted the old halls. The first assault, though largest scale assault failed when Thogar the highpriest was disturbed during the execution of the ritual.
The Second attempt was much more detailed in plan, due to the halls and its defences were now known. Through a several stages long assault plan, at last the black dragons head was placed as a trophy, orcs and deamons banished for good.

"The Scar"

After 2 years of rebuilding the clanhalls, repairing damage done by centuries of deamon and orc hosts, the clan hall did its stand against the shadovar. Rumours are that the dwarves had claimed some crystal which also the Shadovar wanted to obtain. Ironhouse kept 2 of them safe and the Shadovvar held 1. The Shadovar therefore launched a largescaled assault upon the clanhalls, sending lavafilled meteors bombarding the lands and thereby leveling the Ironhouse sacred hill to a mere crater.
With knowing that the Shadovvar could fight this war most likely longer then the dwarfs and ther allies, the dwarves aided by a friednly mage destroyed the 2 shadovar gems within their halls, so that the shadovar would have no gain upon comtinuing their siege.
The destruction of the two shadovar artefacts resulted in such damage to the weave, that no magic is still to be used within the middle layers of the halls.

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PostSubject: Re: The Ironhouse Halls   Sun Oct 12, 2014 12:40 pm


1# Anyone caught stealing will be fined for an amount of 100 times the value of the stolen object(s) and might be imprisoned as well, for a length of time determined by the Thane or by a Council Leader.

2# Violence is only allowed in friendly brawls or as part of training; a little brawling never hurt anyone. However, if the intent was to injure, such behavior will result in cooling down in prison and gold fine to any offended part. Length and fine to be determined by the Thane or by a Council Leader. Guild members are allowed to use force against law-breakers, but any unnecessary use of force will have to be reviewed by the Guild Council.

3# No masks are allowed in the Guild Hall. Take your mask off before entering or you will not be allowed in.

4# If any Drow, full blooded Orcs, Yuan-ti or Duergar, or Zhents, Red Wizards or slavers are found in the hall, they will be taken to the bridge and tossed over the edge. Exceptions to be determined by the Thane or by a Council Leader only! Half blooded Orcs and half blooded Drow will only be tolerated by special permission from the Thane or from a Council Leader. **Drow who worship the Goodly Gods are allowed.**

5# Littering, vandalizing, or committing public acts of lewdness (anything involving nudity, excessive amounts of petting or such) will result in a fine and the individual working in mines. Length and fine to be determined by the Thane or by a Council Leader. All resources found will be paid to reduce work time.

6# Anyone who worships a dark power (god, demon, devil, outsider, etc.), displays a symbol of a dark power, or is known to serve or worship a dark power will be tossed off the bridge. The same applies to those who display or are known to use warlock or necromantic powers. Pact mages who derive their powers from the fey will need to state their pact before entering the hall, and their presence in the hall will be subject to approval from the Thane or from a Council Leader.

7# Failure to respect the Morndinsamman (the dwarven pantheon) or dwarven traditions will result in immediate removal from the Halls, or imprisonment if the violation is grave enough; in which case that person's fate will be determined by the Thane or by a Council Leader.

8# Those who insult a guild member’s honor will get only one warning. If they persist with their insults, they will be escorted from the Halls. This does not mean that people cannot argue or disagree with a guild member; however calling a guild member a liar, a coward, or a thief – or calling a Dwarf “clanless” – is an insult on their honor.

9# Slavery is not allowed in the guild hall. Any slave within the guild hall will be immediately freed.

10# Individuals who insist on breaking the Law again and again will be imprisoned immediately. The length of this imprisonment and their fate will be determined by the Thane or by a Council Leader.
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The Ironhouse Halls
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