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 Report to the Hammers of Grimjaws

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PostSubject: Report to the Hammers of Grimjaws   Wed Jun 27, 2012 7:43 am

A letter is sent to the Headquarters of the Hammers of Grimjaws addressed to the head of the order.

Quote :
My Lord,

It is with a heavy heart that I must report to you the deaths of the Paladin Michelle and her comrades and the failure of her mission to kill the vampire she was pursuing.

I am not entirely clear on all of the details of what happened but I will tell you what I know.

After a battle near the surface, she and her companions sought refuge with a clan of Dwarves, the Ironhouses. There they received aid and healing.

They then pursued the vampire to his lair located somewhere in the underdark. They became trapped there and were eventually overwhelmed by the undead. At the end only Michelle stood.

I was contacted by a messenger that told me that a vampire wished to meet with a cleric of Tyr in order to "get some paladins out of his house." because there were no clerics available, I agreed to meet with him and to hear what he had to say.

He made a proposal that we would stop hunting him in excahange for him not feeding on innocent people. I agreed to read his proposal and to send it to the church leaders. But before that could happen I was given permission to take food and aid to the trapped paladins.

So I gathered some trusted companions and set out to bring them aid.

The only way to reach them was to use a portal that the vampire created. I did not think there was time to try to find the way that Michelle and her comrades had used.

We found all of the Paladins were dead except for Michelle. She was weak and confused. We decided that she could not survive there alone in her condition and tried to bring her out even though we knew the vampire would try to kill us if we did. But she did not survive trying to use the portal.

My companions and I then confronted the vampire and his undead servants. But he managed to escape in the ensuing battle.

While in the desert on my way back, I encountered a celestial messenger that directed my attention to the ghost of Michelle. I tried to speak with her but she disappeared after giving me Michelle's sword.

I will hold onto her sword until I receive word back from you as to what I should do with it.

I believe that I must seek Atonement for my foolish decision to try to make a deal with a vampire but there are no priests of Tyr in this region so I ask that you contact the High Priest and ask him if I should return to seek a temple.


Kara Addams
Associate of the Knights of Holy Judgement *

// Notes:
1. I don't know where the headquarters of the Hammers of Grimjaws is located.
2. Kara is not a member of the Order of the Knights of Holy Judgement but that is the paladin order that she feels closest ties to and who trained her as a paladin.
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Report to the Hammers of Grimjaws
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