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 A Rain of Fire Near Castle Krag

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PostSubject: A Rain of Fire Near Castle Krag   Sat Jun 23, 2012 11:11 pm

(Posting as requested Umbra, let me know if something needs to be adjusted)

"We are at your disposal Swordhand, I've mustered as many as could be spared." The voice carried softly with the freezing wind, a snowy gust sweeping up from the cliff in front of the tower. Shifting his eyes from the small campfires illuminating the valley, Aerys turned to the armored soldier, his trained vision quite capable of sight in the dead of night.

"Gather the rest of the equipment here, this is as fine a position as any."

With a light nod, the soldier strode back towards the fortress. Over the next hour, barrels of oil, hot tar, arrows and torches had been carried out and accumulated outside the tower. A line of Zhentarim archers, a few dozen strong, lined up at the edge of the cliff. The battalion's bows aimed upon the orcish tents that dotted the valley below, their steel and rag covered arrow tips drenched in oil and tar. Lit by torches, volley after volley of flaming arrows rained down from the mountain top, straight into the hide tents of the Bone-Chewer orcs. In addition, Aerys had a number of the archers keep their arrows unlit, unlike those on fire, they could only be spotted in the darkness by the whistling sound as the projectiles fell from the sky. Aerys would be certain to make sure they kept an eye out for the dragon, and orders given to fall back should it appear.

"May the flame cleanse their filth, and see how well they fight without rest." The ranger mutters quietly, a smirk on his face as he lets loose two arrows.
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A Rain of Fire Near Castle Krag
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