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 whispers in Free Haven

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PostSubject: whispers in Free Haven   Wed May 23, 2012 3:56 pm

The cult of Cyric is recruiting the young and disaffected, those unhappy with their lot in life, most being approached by cultists when alone, these people are always the misfits of society or they are hiding from the zhentarim after having been persecuted or harrasssed by them and the church of Bane, the cult is subtle and only approaches those they feel to be open to the message of self empowerment and the destruction of the status quo. most are lonely youths, but other groups , mainly youth gangs, are absorbed into the cult in their entirety.
they are all seduced by the cult's promise of belonging to something greater and the gratification of their selfish desires or their need to belong.
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whispers in Free Haven
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