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 Public Humiliation

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PostSubject: Public Humiliation   Public Humiliation EmptyWed May 23, 2012 1:55 pm

Public Humiliation Rotting-fruit-bowl
A sample of the rotten fruit gathered from what was left behind in the basket following the public humiliation

On a cold night in central Shadowdale, a drunkard, known around Shadowdale as Falk, was taken from the Old Skull to outside the Church of Bane. It was there that residents close to the scene would have witnessed an Adept of the Zhentarim, Osric Greymoor, utilizing a brutal display of magic upon the detainee. Afterward, a woman, recognizable as Pathea, was seen using an excess of rope from beneath the gallows to tie the broken man's arms behind his back. He was then dragged along the floor, struggling to stay onto his feet, by the length of his binds to the well which sits at the middle of town. Since it was midnight, the roads were largely empty at the time. Yet, the man's punishment inevitably cued the curiosity of local residents and travelers who gathered to witness the scene. By this time, the Adept had tied the drunkard to the well while apparently practicing his butchery skills on the man's face alongside his accomplice, the woman. This includes multiple slice wounds to the face as well as the removal of an ear. The drunkard soon after passed out despite efforts to rejuvenate his stamina via the use of a vial filled with a light blue liquid, presumably a potion of cure critical wounds. When the violence against the man had reached its apex, the public crowd was gathered to line up before a basket of rotten fruit that was then used to pummel the man. This occurs in the presence of fellow Zhentarim, notably Incantationer Zaburra and Khaliziah. In the end, the drunkard appeared covered with magically induced burns, missed an ear, and had a face marked with numerous lacerations. Furthermore, he smelt of rotten fruit and was barely conscious upon conclusion of his punishment. The detainee was later removed from the well and taken to The House of Plenty for proper treatment.

It is made known multiple times that this is a public humiliation in response to the man's crimes which include: refusing a direct order from a Adept, threatening an Adept, insulting the Zhentarim, and intent to create public disorder within a private establishment.

OOC: I'd like to thank everybody who participated, especially Falk for being such a good sport, Pathea for being an awesome partner, and everybody in the crowd for their fruit tossing skills.
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PostSubject: Re: Public Humiliation   Public Humiliation EmptyWed May 23, 2012 2:37 pm

Somewhere close by the dark skinned female Dorcha is awakened from her sleep. She watches the public display from an open window. Her black orbs are wide with curiosity and interest. She pays special attention to Adept Osric Greymoor. In her hands a scroll of paper ink and quill, her small fingers drawing the scene at the well.

The picture shows a grey haired fatherly figure standing over his children. The man’s face shows sadness, as if the discipline of the children was done with a heavy heart. A halo of power is drawn around the fatherly figure making the man appear heavenly. The symbol of Bane is drawn on the tunic.

Dorcha mumbles to herself as she finishes this portion of the picture.. Bane..My masters master. Stronger than my master...Bane is good..Bane is kind...Bane loves his children...Dorchas eyes swell up and a few tears drift down her cheeks

A perfect picture of Zaburra is drawn next to a well overseeing the humiliating display. The man Falk on his knees screaming in pain before Adept Osric Greymoor as he is being disciplined with various slashings to his face. A crowd of people is added to the picture many cheering and throwing fruit.

Throughout the entire public display of discipline the Slave girl known as Dorcha watches and draws what she sees...her soft voice rising up in song…

Today I learned
my masters master is the Vine
With Him I throw
fruit very fine

Discipline, and obedience
are two of the fruits
my masters master wants from me

Bane is Patience, Bane is strictness
Bane is Goodness too
These are the things
my masters master wants me to do

These are the fruits
Bane wants me to grow
My masters master…I will obey

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PostSubject: Re: Public Humiliation   Public Humiliation EmptyMon May 28, 2012 9:16 am

* a black-clad slight female comes into the room greeting the slavewoman. She picks up the drawing and looks at it surprised. She praises the woman and then looks at other papers where ink shows wavey lines practising lettering. She corrects this mistake here, praises that effort there and provides a child's simple primer to help the woman learn.

But that's for later. Now, she makes the woman stand up straight. She moves around her, placing a hand on her back, another on her collar bone, gently correcting her posture. Then she moves face to face and removes her own dark veil. She starts to sing to the woman, encouraging her to imitate the song afterwards; simple phrases that will grow together to become a more complex melody. She spends a good hour on the lesson teaching the slavewoman, ending with a short hymn to Bane*
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Public Humiliation
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