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 Strange Posters

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PostSubject: Strange Posters   Strange Posters EmptyMon Apr 02, 2012 1:46 am

Strange smaller posters can be found at varies places through the dales. Most around Free Haven but a few had pinned up at varies places along roads. Those being curious enough to check them out will see the posters have some decoration of snow at the button and the top edge appear to be decorated with falling snow. The edge of the sides contain what appear to be a blue frozen rose in cased in ice and at the very right corner the symbol of Auril stand out. Within these decoration stand a message in a elegant writing

With the coming change of the seasons i assume alot of you are looking forward for the warmers days. Possible preparing for the new work, be you farmers with their fields or traders to use the roads freely. Even just to be outside more in the better weather. I still wishes to ask, had you remembered to pay a tribute to Auril?.

At this turning point of the seasons it might sound strange but remember what the cost could be if she feel insulted and decided to make the weather extreme cold again just as it started to clear up, maybe after the work of this season harvest had been planted or your trade investment is forced back by bad weather. That would be unfortunate and waste of your effort and work.

It would be far better to be on the safe side and do what we can to get a pleasant change of season.
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Strange Posters
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